New Beverly Hills Cop Movie In Development After TV Pilot Failure

A new Beverly Hills Cop movie is being developed by Paramount, after initial plans for a spin-off TV series were dropped.

Shawn Ryan, the creator of The Shield and Lie To Me, created the failed television pilot in conjunction with the original film’s star, Eddie Murphy. They pitched it various TV networks last summer, and CBS became smitten with their idea and then ordered a pilot for the series.

However after CBS viewed the completed episode, they decided not pursue a full season, and didn’t commission one. Ryan then looked to shop it around other networks, however after several months worth of effort he finally have up the ghost and confirmed that the project was cancelled.

Ryan took to Twitter to make the announcement, writing, “Sad to report that efforts to land Beverly Hills Cop pilot at another network have failed.”

However, despite this terrible news, Shawn Ryan took to his Twitter account, @ShawnRyanTV, yet again to this time unveil a tremendous revelation.

He wrote, “Good news for fans of franchise is that the pilot tested so well, it has caused Paramount to put another #BHC movie into development.”

A fourth instalment to the hugely popular action/comedy movie would almost certainly feature Eddie Murphy as Detroit detective Axel Foley. The new TV series looked set to revolve around Axel’s son, Aaron Foley, who is once again a Detroit cop that moves to Beverly Hills, whilst Murphy was going to star as the senior police commander in Detroit.

Murphy shot to stardom in 1984 when he starred as the cop who travels down to Beverly Hills in an attempt to solve the murder of his best friend. This spawned two sequels, which were released in 1987 and 1994, and the trio of films managed to gross in excess of $750million at the box office.

Do you want to see a fourth Beverly Hills Cop movie?