Margaret Cho Reads Erotica Literature By Anne Rice, Has Giggle Fit [Video]

Margaret Cho is mostly known for her shocking stand up routines, when she isn’t acting in Lifetime’s Drop Dead Diva. Recently the shock queen got a little flustered while reading erotica. The piece Cho was reading was from A.N. Roquelaure, which is Anne Rice’s weird pseudonym. The story is a trilogy called The Sleeping Beauty Trilogy.

As part of a web series, New York photographer Clayton Cubitt has been asking different women to read erotic literature. The web series is called “Hysterical Literature” and our favorite is probably Margaret Cho.

The book description of Anne Rice’s, excuse us, A.N. Roquelaure, is stated as:

“They are erotic BDSM novels set in a medieval fantasy world, loosely based on the fairy tale of Sleeping Beauty. The novels describe explicit sexual adventures of the female protagonist Beauty and the male characters Alexi, Tristan and Laurent, featuring both maledom and femdom scenarios amid vivid imageries of bisexuality, ephebophilia and pony play.”

She’s not even a minute in and Cho already becomes uncomfortable as she squirms in her chair for an escape that never comes. The highlight from the video for us is when she loses it and decomposes into a giggly mess.

Rarely does Cho ever lose her composure on stage, but during this reading, she ends up having a fit as she reads lines like:”He took a few more bites of his meat..”

Cho isn’t the only one featured in the web series. There’s already seven videos up on the main site for Hysterical Literature.

Hysterical Literature’s mission statement is stated as:
“It explores feminism, mind/body dualism, distraction portraiture, and the contrast between culture and sexuality. (It’s also just really fun to watch.)

Launched in August of 2012, the video series immediately went viral, and has been watched over 18 million times in 200 countries.”

Who would you want to see read erotica? Our pick is Betty White.

Check out the video of Margaret below: