Google Chromecast Sold Out Two Hours After Release

The Google Chromecast has already sold out! You know when you try to buy tickets to your favorite artist and their concert sells out in 20 seconds? The Google Chromecast is now the rock star equivalent of those concerts for the world of tech sales.

Google announced the Chromecast on Wednesday, and, just hours later, the Google Play store sold out of the new Android-powered Dongle device.

The $35 Chromecast was listed with 1 to 2 days shipping times, and those times quickly changed to list August 2 and August 7.

In some cases, the Google Play store page simply listed the Chromecast as “out of inventory” with no expectations for a shipping date.

The Google Chromecast is a dongle-based device that ships with three-months of free Netflix. That means the actual Chromecast costs around $11 when Netflix’s $7.99 per month charge is added into the mix.

Eventually the Chromecast will be sold via Amazon and at Best Buy Online and through Best Buy’s brick and mortar stores.

Just like Apple TV, the Google Chromecast allows mobile customers to control the device via their smartphone. Unlike Apple TV, the dongle allows for Android AND Apple iOS controls across tablets, smartphones, and other devices powered by both mobile OS’.

At this time, the Google Chromecast will work with Google Play movies and TV shows, YouTube, and Netflix. Customers can also stream Google Music songs and playlists from Pandora.

Given the early success of the dongle-based entertainment player, it is very likely that Hulu Plus, Amazon Prime Instant Videos, and other streaming content providers will be added into the mix at a later time.

With a price structure three times lower than the Apple TV and Google’s know-how in the cloud content delivery space, the Chromecast could very well be Google’s newest smash hit.

We still don’t know how many Google Chromecast’s were manufactured for initial sale, but, regardless, the fact that it sold out so quickly showcases Google’s ability to launch a product out of the blue and gain immediate support from its followers.

Did you pick up the Google Chromecast or do you plan to pick up the content-enabled dongle in the near future?