Justin Bieber Undaunted By Hockey Hate, ‘Drafted’ By Toronto Maple Leafs [Video]

Justin Bieber received a virtual kicking after he touched the Stanley Cup and stood on the Chicago Blackhawks logo recently, and his presence at recent NFL basketball games in Miami also met with online derision.

Nevertheless, the Biebs’ love for both sports remains undimmed and he has now offered his skills to the Toronto Maple Leafs hockey team.

Taking to his Instagram account days ago, Bieber posted a tongue-in-cheek video announcing he and two of his buddies had been drafted by the Leafs.

The reason?

“So, as you all know, the Leafs haven’t been doing great lately,” the singer explained, completely deadpan, while his friends did odd things with their hands.

Bieber continued: “But this year they’re gonna do spectacular because you got Za [Lil], you got B [Maejor Ali], and me. We’re all playing for the Leafs this year so.”

The 15 second video was captioned “Please Toronto Maple Leafs win the cup.”

Given the recent hysteria — and bogus reports about a roped-off Boston Bruins locker room — over just the idea of Bieber coming into contact with their logo, it seems the Canadian has retained a sense of humor about the hockey ‘hate’ he received, even if Blackhawks fans didn’t.

The pop star also posted a second hockey-related Instagram video and a song about someone or something called “lolly,” both of which looked rather fun.

The 19-year-old went native this weekend and is currently on a Believe tour stop in Canada.

Spotted in his Stratford, Ontario hometown on Monday, the singer was snapped happily talking to fans while posing for pictures.

Meanwhile, over at the Toronto Maple Leafs, Tim Leiweke, ex-Anschutz Entertainment Group boss now chief of Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment Ltd., is so confident the Leafs will break their 46-year Stanley Cup drought that he’s mapped a victory-parade route for the hockey team.

As yet, there’s no word on whether they’ll be requiring Bieber and co. to show up for practice.

Bieber played Ottawa on Tuesday and is set to perform at Toronto’s Air Canada Center on July 25 and 26.