Record Lottery Winner Offers $2 Million To Fix School Roof

Eighty-four-year-old Florida resident Gloria MacKenzie recently won $590.5 million in a June Powerball jackpot. Now the world’s largest undivided lottery winner is giving back to her community.

MacKenzie has offered to write a $2 million check to help fix the roof of a Maine high school in her hometown.

The news was revealed to the Bangor Daily News by Superintendent Quenten Clark.

“They want their privacy respected, so I don’t think they will have any comment publicly,” said Clark.

MacKenzie’s daughter is a biology teacher at the school and an active member of the community.

In June, the lottery winner record was set when MacKenzie won the jackpot and then chose to take home a lump sum of $370 million.

The superintendent of the local school district says they have received “verbal assurance” that the school’s roof will be leak free thanks to the lottery winner’s huge donation.

The school is located in East Millinocket, MacKenzie’s hometown, and the location of her daughter’s current residence.

The town is small with only 1,700 residents, many who know and are friends with the MacKenzie family.

Schenck High is currently in desperate need of a $7 million renovation.

Clark tells NBC News affiliate WCSH:

“I think without [the donation], the school was going to die. East Millinocket was not going to have a school in the long run, and I think with this we’ll be able to keep the school going for a while.”

The $2 million donation couldn’t come at a better time. The town of East Millinocket recently lost its paper mill only to have it revived in 2012 when the novel Fifty Shades Of Grey required a massive paper printing operation.

A 84-year-old hero helping out of the blue and a town saved by Fifty Shade Of Grey: We couldn’t make this stuff up if we wanted to.

Here’s the initial report from Gloria MacKenzie’s record setting lottery win:

Are you impressed by the lottery winners massive generosity to a town in need of her help?