Lisa Kudrow: Friends Movie In The Works?

Lisa Kudrow’s Friends movie comments addressed long-bandied about rumors that the seminal 90s TV sitcom was headed for a reunion on the big screen.

In an interview this week, Lisa Kudrow’s Friends movie comments revealed an even more surprising tidbit — apparently, people exist who don’t think Friends is best left in the 90s where it belongs and feel that so many years down the line, paying $10 to see a movie that is essentially like four reruns tacked together sounds super appealing.

Asking Lisa Kudrow’s Friends movie opinion makes sense, as the actress is mainly known for her portrayal of flaky friend Phoebe over ten seasons of the popular NBC property. So one of six of the major players putting the kibosh on the rumor is pretty solid.

Lisa said:

“There was never a ‘Friends’ movie. Ever. So I’ve always known it’s not happening.”

But after a convincing online prank involving a graphic and a caption reading “Friends. The One With The Reunion. Thanksgiving 2014,” Phoebs says that she herself was worried for a minute that the project was moving ahead without her — she adds:

“I went, ‘Wait a minute, was I not invited? Oh, my God, maybe there is one, and I wasn’t asked to do it.’ I even had a moment where I believed it because everything around it looked real. It was a good setup.”

Kudrow is working on a new internet series called Web Therapy, and she says that no matter what anyone thinks, there’s really no future anything coming out of the Friends franchise. It seems that regardless of fan interest, Friends is dead and gone.

She concludes:

“The creators have put them to rest. NBC has. I don’t know who else needs to say, ‘It’s really not happening.’ “

Did Lisa Kudrow’s Friends movie denial disappoint you, or are you okay with the show being left where it is?