Amanda Bynes Is Showing Signs Of Schizophrenia [Report]

It’s only Wednesday and Amanda Bynes has had quite the eventful week. On Monday the Nickelodeon child star was arrested after she set a random fire to a person’s driveway.

After her arrest in Thousand Oaks, California, it was said that Bynes would be put on a 5150 hold, and is under suicide watch. Now according to TMZ the actress is reportedly showing signs of schizophrenia.

Medical professionals at the hospital are said to have sought out a two-week extension on the 5150 psychiatric hold, so that the doctors can properly evaluate and diagnose her. Due to the situation, Bynes’ parents are asking a judge to put the 27-year-old in a conservatorship because she’s unable to care for herself.

Bynes’ parents are said to have wanted to do something about the situation surrounding their daughter for months, but have yet to take action because her behavior wasn’t extreme enough. Now pending a judge’s ruling, they may have the ability to give Bynes the proper care that she so desperately needs.

If Bynes gets put under a conservatorship, she will not be the only one in the entertainment industry. In 2008 pop star Britney Spears was put on a conservatorship at the request of her father, Jamie Spears, after the singer exhibited frightening behavior.

In addition to starting a fire, it’s been reported that Amanda Bynes doused her dog in gasoline, and had plans to set fire to her Pomeranian. Bynes was captured on video, with a canister of gasoline moments after.

On several incidents when police questioned her, Bynes has acted erratically and has had conversations with herself. In a recent episode, the actress threw a bong out of her 47 street high-rise in New York, and proceeded to act erratically when police started to question her.

We’ll further update you on this sad situation when more details come in.