Wife’s Temper Tantrum Goes Viral After Husband Refuses Lake Trip

A wife’s temper tantrum has gone viral on YouTube.

Jim was sick and tired of his wife’s constant tantrums, so, while recently driving, he secretly video recorded her latest fit of rage.

As we learn from the video, Whitney really wants to go out on the lake. Her fit gets so bad that she claims to be having an “anxiety attack.”

His wife’s temper tantrum involves screaming, swearing, and, as Jim says, “acting like an 11-year-old who didn’t get a toy from Walmart.”

Jim keeps his cool, telling Whitney that he has to get chores done around the house. In the meantime, Whitney continues to attack her husband, telling him that “everyone at work makes comments about you.”

I won’t comment on whether or not it was right for Jim to globally humiliate his wife, but her tantrum did seem a bit (incredibly?) childish.

The YouTube video was uploaded by BestFunVids on July 22, and it has since racked up 176,056 views.

With global humiliation sure to follow her, perhaps Jim will now take Whitney to the lake in an attempt to apologize.

If you don’t like the sound of girls screaming really loud, you might want to avoid this viral video.

I sense a YouTube uploaded divorce trial in this couple’s near future.

Do you think Jim was right in posting his wife’s childish temper tantrum on YouTube for the world to see?