Belichick Hernandez Apology Causes Boston Sportscaster Meltdown [Video]

Boston sportscaster Gary Tanguay nearly went berserk last night during a TV discussion about whether Bill Belichick should apologize for the Aaron Hernandez situation.

The New England Patriots head coach is holding a press conference today where he is expected to address the Hernandez arrest for the first time.

Tanguay seemed to suggest that the coach owes an explanation to the media and the fans about a player under his watch getting into this kind of serious trouble.

During the Comcast SportsNet broadcast, panelist Kirk Minihane, radio host on WEEI, said Belichick should not have to apologize for anything. He noted that the manager of a local Subway restaurant isn’t expected to apologize for the hire if an employee commits murder (presumably while not on the job).

Tanguay responded that the Subway reference was idiotic and accused Minihane of being a moron who was full of crap. Minihane then responded that Tanguay was full of crap.

Tanguay added that Minihane was attempting to draw an “inhumane” comparison and accused him of being “as cold blooded as Belichick.” Belichick is famous for giving terse, deadpan answers to journalist questions.

“You don’t have a heart. You have no heart; you have no emotion,” Tanguay insisted. “I hate you,” Minihane said as they went to a commercial break.

Aaron Hernandez has been charged with murder and firearms violations in connection with the death of his friend Odin Lloyd, a semi-pro football player whose body was found in an industrial park near the NFL star’s home in North Attleboro, Mass., on June 17. He is currently being held without bail in Bristol County, Mass. Jail, and has pleaded not guilty to all charges. Hernandez is also reportedly under a separate criminal investigation for a 2012 drive-by double homicide in Boston last year. The ex-Pats tight end is also being sued in civil court for personal injuries for allegedly shooting a man in Florida after they argued in a Miami strip club. The Patriots released the star tight end shortly after he was arrested.

Hernandez is due in court today for a probable cause hearing on the pending criminal charges against him.

Do you think a football coach should apologize for a player’s off-field misbehavior in general or in this particular case?