Aaron Hernandez Lawsuit: Patriots Star Allegedly Shot Man In Florida

A civil lawsuit against Aaron Hernandez could spell more legal trouble for the New England Patriots tight end.

He has already been questioned by police in connection with a homicide near his home in North Attleboro, Massachusetts. The police have also executed a search warrant on the premises. Now he is being sued for personal injuries for allegedly shooting a man in Florida after they argued in a Miami strip club.

The shooting incident allegedly occurred on February 13 and was first reported by TMZ. According to Yahoo! Sports, “Alexander S. Bradley, an acquaintance of Hernandez, filed a lawsuit in South Florida district court on June 13 alleging that, following an argument at a Miami strip club, a gun — possessed illegally by Hernandez — was pointed at Bradley and discharged while the two men were driving from Miami to Palm Beach, Fla.”

Bradley claims that he was shot in the arm and that the bullet traveled up his arm and took out his right eye. The lawsuit was originally filed on June 13 but, because of some errors, was withdrawn but then refiled yesterday in Miami federal court. Bradley is reportedly seeking $100,000 in money damages which seems low for the loss of the sight in an eye and additional medical care beyond the reconstructive procedures he has already undergone.

On the night of the alleged shooting, Bradley, 30, apparently told police he didn’t know who opened fire on him and refused to cooperate with investigators who later interviewed him at St. Mary’s Hospital in Riviera Beach, Florida.

Bradley’s attorney David Jarslawicz told USA Today that “We don’t know whether it was accidental or deliberate. If we get to take Mr. Hernandez’s testimony, perhaps he will tell us he accidentally pulled the trigger or maybe he did it on purpose.”

Hernandez signed a five-year, $40 million deal with the Patriots in August 2012. He had a “minor scope” procedure done on his arm in April and could miss up to four months while he recovers from the surgery. The team’s other star tight end, Rob Gronkowski, is also on the shelf after yet another surgical procedure.

[top image credit: Jeffrey Beall/Flickr]