Duck Dynasty: Beardless Brother Alan Robertson Preaches At Saddleback Church As Season 4 Premiere Nears

The fourth season of Duck Dynasty doesn’t return until August 14, but fans of the A&E show at the Grace Saddleback church got a sneak preview this weekend. Alan and Phil Robertson spoke to the crowd at the megachurch about their personal struggles as well as their hit show.

Alan, the beardless Ducky Dynasty brother who will join the show this season, has been a pastoral minister for the last 20 years. Alan talked about the challenges he faced when his father, Phil, was an alcoholic.

Alan said: “My father unfortunately fell in love with alcohol and he began running with a group of people that took our lives as a young family down a bad road… For the first 10 years of my life, for my brothers and me, it was very difficult.”

Alan also talked about how his father turned his life around when he became a Christian. It was also his faith, according to Alan, that led him to build his duck call.

The newest Duck Dynasty member said: “When he became a Christian, it’s like the blinders came off and there was clarity and a vision and out of that vision, he wanted to build a duck call. He said, ‘I want to build a duck call that sounds like a duck more than anything else’ and the first Duck Commander duck call was built.”

Alan’s main message to the crowd was about trusting in God and persevering through hardship but he also spoke a few words about the show’s success. Which, according to him, will get even bigger this year now that he’s joining the show.

Alan said: “[Viewing] numbers will be even bigger once they find out there’s a beardless Robertson alive.”

Phil Robertson also spokes at Saddleback Church. You can read more about his message at the Christian Post.

The fourth season of Duck Dynasty will premiere on August 14.