The World’s Most Dangerous Sport Is Definitely Badminton [Video]

If you want to get in a fight with a sports figure, you’re best bet is probably badminton. Yes, you heard me right: I said badminton.

During the 2013 Canadian Open, a fight broke out between Bodin Issara and Maneepong Jongjit — two former Thai Olympic badminton teammates.

The men were switching sides when all of a sudden Issara suddenly sprinted after Jongjit.

Jongjit attempted to run over to an adjacent court but was quickly captured.

Issara then began punching Jongjit and landed a knee to his back.

Jongjit escaped from the attack but not until coaches and tournament staff rushed the court to hold down Issara.

Issara claims he was hit by a racquet, but judges didn’t agree, and he was handed a black card. A black card if you are unfamiliar with badminton, and who really is, means immediate disqualification.

The attack is currently being investigated by the Badminton World Federation.

Talk about giving someone the birdie.

Admittedly, I’m not a badminton fan, and I didn’t think anyone watched the sport. With that being said, the YouTube video, which was uploaded on July 22, 2013, has reached 229,699 viewers.

Badminton fans have spoken out against the attack. Here’s a few typical responses to the attack:

“Banned for life! Jail time! Welcome to the real world!”


“If the ‘top’ athletes of badminton display such disregard for respect, especially former teammates, no wonder no one takes it seriously other than Asians.”

Are you surprised that two badminton athletes became engaged in a violent altercation?