Ashton Kutcher To Become Lenovo Spokesman? Actor Close To $10 Million Deal

Ashton Kutcher may soon become the spokesman for Lenovo.

The actor, who is currently portraying Steve Jobs in a new movie, is reportedly close to signing a $10 million deal with Lenovo.

Kutcher is one of the most well-known celebrity techies. He has millions of Twitter followers, became the spokesman for Nikon in 2009, and has a technology investment firm worth approximately $100 million.

CNet notes that Lenovo could use some star power. The company has some great products on the market but it is not nearly as well-known as Apple as Microsoft. Kutcher could instantly boost the company’s profile and it would be the perfect time to do it. ZDNet reports that Lenovo will be entering the US smartphone market within the year.

Former chairman Yuanqing Yang said in the company’s 2012-13 report that one of its main objectives was to raise brand awareness. Kutcher, of course, would do that for the brand.

Yang said: “We will continue to invest in our “For Those Who Do” brand campaign to further increase awareness in our brand and drive growth worldwide. The continued strengthening of our brand will make us more competitive in the consumer space and enhance the value of our products, leading to improved profitability.”

It’s unclear how close Kutcher is to closing the deal but he may be waiting to finalize his divorce settlement with Demi Moore before signing another contract.

Demi and Kutcher are reportedly arguing over the money Kutcher has made with his investment company.

A source said: “Ashton made a lot of money after [he and Demi] married, but he doesn’t believe he owes her as much as she’s asking for.”

Do you think Ashton Kutcher should become the spokesman of Lenovo?