Verizon FiOS Adds 500Mbps Download Speeds

Verizon FiOS customers now have the option to purchase 500Mbps download speeds.

The company on Tuesday rolled out a new high-speed package as part of its FiOS Quantum packaging. Customers receive 500Mbps download speeds and 100 megabits upload speeds.

In comparison, the company’s largest FiOS package up until this point was just 300Mbps download.

The new option is only available in limited areas at this time, and it’s not cheap at $310 per month with the double play plan or $330 per month with triple play and a two-year agreement.

Business customers can expect to pay $370 per month for the same service with a two-year commitment.

Verizon FiOS will also offer no-contract pricing for businesses and consumers. The cost for a non-contract plan has not been revealed.

While the new Verizon FiOS 500Mbps plan might appear to be the company’s latest attempt to fight against Google Fiber and other plans, it’s cost is inferior. Google Fiber offers 1Gbps connection rates at a cost of just $70 per month. Google Fiber customers can receive TV services with their internet for a total of $120 per month.

Google Fiber is offered in limited areas, but it none-the-less shows how far behind the times Verizon FiOS has fallen.

Here’s Verizon’s FiOS introduction video. Ignore the opening lie about “setting the pace,” which is obviously not the case. Even the Vermont Telephone company is now offering 1Gbps speeds alongside Google:

Do you think many FiOS customers will be willing to spend $300 to $400 per month for 500Mbps download speeds and 100Mbps upload speeds?