Six-Year-Old Texan With Brain Cancer Maddie Higgins Granted Her Wish To Play In Snow

Maddie Higgins, a six-year-old Texan who suffers from a rare form of brain cancer, was granted her bucket list wish to play in snow, even though the heat of the Texas sun was blasting around her.

Ms Higgins, who lives in Arlington, Texas, is currently battling glioblastoma, and she has undergone surgery twice as well as over 60 radiation treatments. However her only wish throughout her battle with the disease is that she wanted to have a day of fun in the snow.

Kinsley’s Kure, a non-profit, organization that looks to help terminally ill children, granted her wish.

They company co-ordinated with Emergency Ice, a Dallas manufacturer who manufacture snow, brought 20,000 pounds of ice to the Higgin’s home last Friday. They then covered their front garden with snow, and turned it into a winter wonderland in the middle of the summer.

Maddie told NBC 5 News, “It’s impossible, it’s summer! I can’t believe it,” and when her blindfold was removed she leapt straight into the sun and began to play.

Maddie built a snowman, and then her parents, Patrick and Melanie Higgins, quickly followed her into the snow to assist her in her needs.

Jennifer Brown Thomas, who works for Kinsley’s Kure, discussed their reasons for assisting those in need, stating, “I can’t imagine what these families have to go through on a day to day basis. How strong they have to be and how just unbelievably courageous they are.”

Maddie will be examined this week, where doctors will check to see if she has another tumor. However, just for the afternoon at least, all of her worries disappeared, with Melanie Higgins stating of her experience, “We wanted to give her every experience she can possibly have. We are just making her happy. I’m just overwhelmed with emotion.”

To keep up to date with Maggie’s progress you can follow the Fight for Maddie Facebook page.

[Image via Kinsley’s Kure]