USC Investigation Launched To Probe Disturbing And Ignored Rape Reports

The fed has launched a USC investigation over criticisms regarding the college’s handling of sexual assault reports.

Dozens of students protested at the University of Southern California Monday, claiming that the administration mishandles and even ignores rape claims on campus. They say that the school has been unwilling to discipline students accused of sexual violence against other students, and some of the reports are pretty disturbing.

Student Tucker Reed told CBS2 that she was raped in 2010 by her then-boyfriend, who was also a fellow USC student. She identified him by name and photo in her blog because, in her words, “I had nothing left to lose.”

“I submitted a binder worth of emails and four taped recordings in which my rapist confesses to raping me,” she said. But the administration close her case without disciplinary action.

Another student said that she didn’t file a rape complaint when she was assaulted, simply because nothing came of complaints lodged by her peers who found themselves in similar situations.

“I know more than ten people at this school who have experienced sexual violence,” said USC student Francesa Bessey. “I know zero people who have had their cases brought to a position where the rapists faced any sort of disciplinary action whatsoever.”

in response to calls for a USC investigation, school authorities issued a statement in which they said that they take all claims of sexual assault seriously and conduct thorough investigations. In some cases, they have even expelled students.

But the reality for some victimized students doesn’t match up with USC’s statement. In one case, the Department of Public Safety refused to pass on a student’s case to the Los Angeles Police Department simply because her attacker stopped raping her before achieving orgasm.

Those calling for a USC investigation say they don’t want the university to get in trouble so much as they want to see sexual assault policies change in institutions across the country.

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