Andrea Sneiderman: Murder Case Against Allegedly Cheating Wife Could Be Dropped

Andrea Sneiderman may be off the hook for charges that she and her lover conspired to kill her husband, a former local district attorney believes.

The district attorney in Dougherty County near Atlanta says evidence that Andrea was involved in her husband’s murder is flimsy, and it appears that her supposed lover Hemy Neuman acted on his own.

“So far, I don’t know of any emails or any documents or anything between Mr. Neuman and Mrs. Sneiderman or anyone else that indicates she was in on the homicide,” said Ken Hodges, who is not connected to the case. “Certainly, no eyewitness to her doing anything in the furtherance of it.”

Andrea Sneiderman initially faced 16 counts, including felony murder, in connection to the slaying. She has pleaded not guilty. Hemy Neuman, Andrea Sneiderman’s boss and alleged lover, was found guilty of the crime, but mentally ill.

Neuman claims an angel sent him on a mission to kill Rusty Sneiderman, who was shot execution style in 2010 outside his son’s day care center near Atlanta.

Neuman’s trial painted Sneiderman as a woman fed up with her husband, a prominent member of the community serving on many non-profit boards.

“The e-mails between Hemy and Andrea were also discussing how there was tension in Andrea’s home between her and her husband,” forensic psychiatrist Dr. Tracey Marks testified. “She was dissatisfied to say the least with his involvement with taking care of the children or even offering her support to be able to help with the children while she worked.”

Sneiderman was accused of having an affair with Neuman, but has denied that as well. The pair went on several work-related road trips together, with Neuman reportedly confessing his feelings for Andrea during a trip to Nevada.

During their time together Andrea Sneiderman reportedly sent mixed signals to Neuman, growing close to him but saying she did not plan to leave her husband.

“This type of back and forth can be very confusing, especially when directed towards someone who has romantic feelings for you,” Dr. Tiffanie Davis Henry, sex therapist who has not worked on the case, told CNN.” When in love, we want so desperately for things to work out, for love to prevail over all. I don’t know that we have evidence of a conversation between Neuman and Sneiderman where they plotted and planned for Hemy to take Rusty’s life. What I think is clear is that Sneiderman led Neuman, consciously or unconsciously, to believe that there was potential for a relationship in the future.”

Andrea Sneiderman faces other charges, including hindering the apprehension of a criminal; concealment of facts from police; making false statements; and perjury. Hodges said he believes prosecutors have a better chance of putting her away by focusing on these charges, and noted that prosecutors already withdrew questions related to the murder charge during jury questioning.

Jury selection in the Andrea Sneiderman trial begins July 29.