Dog’s Toy Jeep Drive Around Neighborhood In His Power Wheels [Video]

A dog’s toy jeep ride video might be today’s cuteness overload. The name of the new YouTube video dropped Monday by Petsami is English Bulldog Drives A Power Wheels. Well…sorta.

Hit that button, and you can judge the dog’s toy jeep driving abilities for yourself. To this skeptical eye, it looks like the Power Wheels is being operated by a human remote control.

All the dog has to do is grip the frame and hang on and not flip the vehicle.

Hey, that’s usually all I ask of my pets when they’re driving the car.

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But if you’ve got time for only one video, try the new one. An English bulldog driving a Power Wheels isn’t something you see every day — even if it’s something of a fake-out.

Isn’t that dog on a toy jeep video just precious?

[English bulldog still photo by Iurii Konoval via Shutterstock]