Prince William Surname Trending Thanks To Royal Baby Name Speculation

What’s Prince William’s surname, you ask? The Royal Baby is here but so far unnamed, so the Internet is keeping busy with speculation until the Court makes an official announcement. Suddenly it dawns on us all… do the Royals even have last names?

Yes, they do. Like other descendants of Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Phillip, the family surname is Mountbatten-Windsor.

Interest in Prince William’s surname first piqued in 2011 after his marriage to Duchess Kate, of Cambridge, popularly known in the media by her “common” name, Kate Middleton. Folks captivated by the Royal Wedding wondered what Kate’s new last name would be, and if the Royals even had one to begin with.

They do, and yes, technically Kate’s last name is also Mountbatten-Windsor by marriage.

Fascination with the Royal surname is piquing yet again after yesterday’s news of the birth of the Royal Baby. Thus far, a name for the baby hasn’t been announced. As The Inquisitr reported earlier, oddsmakers favor James, George and Henry (in that order). For a girl, the favorite was Alexandra.

Anyway, the Royal surname has topped trending lists on MSN and Yahoo today as Royal Baby watchers try to guess at the full name of the next heir to the throne.

As it stands, it’ll probably be Prince James Mountbatten-Windsor, titles titles etc.

Stick with us for more updates on the Royal Baby, and if you’re seeing a lot of curiosity over Prince William’s surname on social media today, pass along your new-found knowledge and impress your friends!

[Image: Alexandre Goulet]