Deadpool Takes On Comic-Con 2013, Hilarity Ensues [Video]

Deadpool takes on Comic-Con 2013 in a new video on YouTube!

What do you get when you cross geek culture, cosplay, and random shenanigans? That’s what YouTube user D Piddy asks every time he goes to a popular convention dressed as Marvel’s resident “merc with the mouth” Deadpool. Although he never says anything in his videos, he certainly knows how to entertain in front of a camera.

Donning the usual red and black full-body outfit and twin swords from the comics, Deadpool wandered the grounds of SDCC 2013 and engaged several convention-goers in cosplay.

At the beginning of the video, we see a sign that reads “No person is righteous,” and the camera pans down to reveal Deadpool standing next to it with a sign that says “Deadpool is righteous.” Then after the title slides by revealing Deadpool Vs Comic-Con Part Two, the hilarity ensues.

A cosplayer dressed as a zombie leans against a fence as Deadpool pokes his finger through it, pulling back just before the zombie bites it. After two attempts to bite Deadpool’s finger, the zombie shakes the fence and moves on.

Then Deadpool goes to attack a character in blue and black with “electric” tonfas, as the guy goes for his chest and armpit, and seems to electrocute him. Deadpool hits on a woman in a white mask before a big guy in a similar white mask grabs him and holds him down while the woman goes for the nut shot.

Another good one is where he tries to go sword-to-chainsaw with another woman dressed like Ash from Army Of Darkness and ends up losing.

Deadpool poses with some soldiers from Gears Of War, who put up their massive guns as Deadpool looks at his pistol and hangs his head in embarrassment.

Then we have a group of gunslingers of sorts backing off and shooting as they’re being chased by Altair from Assassin’s Creed, Deadpool, and some undead guy.

Then Deadpool takes out a guy talking to Solid Snake and then pokes his head in the empty Codex window.

This Comic-Con 2013 video is just full of hilarious moments of classic Deadpool shenanigans.

What was your favorite part of this video with Deadpool taking on Comic-Con 2013?