Woman’s Head Gets Stuck In Railing During Sex

Here’s one for the “I can’t believe that’s news” portfolio: A Russian woman’s head got stuck in a railing while having sex in a stairwell last week.

After the 46-year-old woman reportedly told her lover that she was interested in “spicing things up,” the couple decided to take their tryst to the apartment building’s stairs.

Unfortunately for the unidentified woman, her head became stuck in the railing during their steamy encounter. To make matters worse, her boyfriend decided to run away instead of helping her escape from this very unusual predicament.

Since her lover decided to flee, the woman was left to deal with the situation on her own. Fortunately, a neighbor stumbled across the naked lady with her head stuck in the railing and phoned police.

Authorities soon responded, though chances are they weren’t quite prepared for the highly unusual scene in the apartment’s stairwell. After all, it’s not everyday that rescue crews discover a naked person with their head caught in a handrail.

“In all my time working as a rescuer, I don’t recall any incident like this one,” one emergency worker who responded to the call said.

Although she was no doubt embarrassed by the ordeal, she waited patiently while rescuers cut away the bars on the railing. Reports suggest she was uninjured, though nobody said anything about her wounded pride.

Chances are this will be the last time the woman attempts to spice up her sex life by taking her adventures into a public setting. She may also be in the market for a new boyfriend.

Not surprisingly, it’s being reported that the woman and her lover may have been intoxicated when the incident occurred. This should come as a surprise to absolutely no one.

What do you think about the Russian woman who got her head stuck in a stairwell railing during sex?

[Top Image via Shutterstock.com]