Royal Baby News? British Readers Prefer A McDonald’s Horse Taking A Poop

Kate Middleton gave birth to the royal baby today. While many British citizens are sharing that joyous news, it is a McDonald’s horse incident that has continued to trend globally.

A female customer in Greater Manchester was unhappy when she couldn’t be served via the drive-thru, so she walked her horse into the restaurant and tried to order.

As McDonald’s employees called the police, the horse took a poop right inside the McDonald’s!

We don’t know if police made the rider clean up their horse’s poop, but here’s to hoping that, along with her fine, she had to clean up the nasty horse sized dump.

Here’s the official Facebook statement from the Greater Manchester Police:

The staff refused to serve the women due to company policy. The women then took the horse into the restaurant who ended up doing his business on the floor.

The sight and smell of this caused obvious distress and upset to customers trying to eat, as well as staff members.

Officers arrived at the location and woman was issued a Fixed Penalty notice for causing alarm and distress to other customers and staff.

We actually reported on the McDonald’s horse announcement earlier in the day; however, after the Royal Baby News broke, we checked the story again and many trending sources in the UK were still listing the horse incident just below and, in some cases, above Royal Baby stories.

We aren’t attempting to claim that British citizens don’t care about the royal baby birth, just that they also want to go about their daily lives.

In fact, our very own Dusten Carlson reported on The Guardian’s own website which features a button which allows British readers to choose a “Republican” viewing experience or a “Royalist” experience. Choosing the Republican option removes Royal Baby News from a readers viewing experience.

Royal baby fatigue was predicted months ago, and now we have a horse pooping to prove that many readers, even those in the UK, simply would prefer a crazy McDonald’s horse story over royal baby news.

In all fairness, a new group of royal babies are born every generation, but this is the first time a horse poop has been reported inside a McDonald’s.