Andrew Garfield Wants Spider-Man To Join The Avengers

Andrew Garfield, who stars as Peter Parker and Spider-Man in The Amazing Spider-Man and its upcoming sequel, has revealed that he wants the webbed wonder to feature in an Avengers movie.

Garfield mad the declaration at this weekend’s San Diego Comic-Con, where he appeared to discuss The Amazing Spider-Man 2. During the panel, which took place on Friday July 19, the actor was asked which Spider-Man tale from the comics did he want to see turned into a movie.

He then replied, “I’d like to see him with The Avengers. Am I not allowed to say that? Wouldn’t that be awesome? Just sayin’.”

However, despite the fact that Spider-Man and The Avengers have been known to assist each other in the comic books, both of the movies are distributed by different companies, which means that they would have to come to an agreement for the movie to ever come to fruition.

Last week, Hugh Jackman also stated that he would like Wolverine to feature in The Avengers, with the Australian actor telling Collider, “I’m in for it, I’m totally up for it because I think that would be really exciting for fans.”

He then went on to add that he had already held discussions with a Marvel employee about the possibility of a Avengers/Wolverine movie ever coming to the big screen.

Jackman remarked, “I said, ‘Can this happen?’ and he goes ‘Look, it’s not gonna be easy.’ But I’m optimistic, I find it impossible that there’s not a way to bring Iron Man, all the Avengers characters, Wolverine, the X-Men characters, Spider-Man, and somehow get them together.”

The Wolverine, which sees Jackman star as the titular character, opens on July 27, whilst The Amazing Spider-Man 2 will be released next summer.

Do you think that Wolverine or Peter Parker will ever feature in one of The Avengers‘ movies?

[Image via Featureflash/Shutterstock]