Marriage Proposal By Spud The Dog Called ‘Most Aussie Proposal Ever’ [Video]

A marriage proposal by Spud the dog and his sorta-romantic owner 33-year-old John McCormack has gone viral on YouTube, with over half a million views since it was first posted on Saturday.

If you don’t have a sense of humor, you’d better let this one go by. There’s some of that frank Australian use of the language, including words like a**hole and retard.

But if you want to see an adorable puppy help McCormack get a yes out of 25-year-old Scottish girlfriend Sarah Leighton, then go ahead and hit that button.

As you will see, Leighton has broken her ankle and is in a cast in an upstairs room, which makes her unable to get out and do much. McCormack sends the 15-month-old black lab Spud up with the marriage proposal — represented by a ring in a gift box attached to the puppy’s collar.


Leighton is overwhelmed with tears by the marriage proposal. That leads to the friendly but blunt exchange of language in the video. But you’ll see that it’s all meant affectionately.

A friend of McCormack and Leighton posted the video without explanation or comment to YouTube. But he called it “the most Aussie proposal ever” when he posted the link to Reddit, which sparked 9 News National to seek out the story behind the canine-assisted marriage proposal starring Spud.

Of course Reddit posters couldn’t resist kidding around a little bit.

“Where do we send gifts? For the puppy, of course, being a good sport,” said Soupy 21.

They especially enjoyed McCormack’s advice to Spud to not eat the box with the diamond engagement ring inside. There was an extended subthread on the topic of not eating boxes, with goofy comments like, “His job application indicated that he was very good at not eating boxes.”

A marriage proposal with Spud is just a little cuter than your marriage proposal.

[black lab still photo credit: Rach ♥ via photopin cc]