Bride’s Family Cuts Off Groom’s Penis After Interfaith Wedding

A bride’s infuriated family cut of the groom’s penis after an interfaith wedding ceremony. The bride is a Druze woman who secretly married a Sunni man. The Muslim groom was dragged into the middle of the Lebanese village and beaten severely before his penis was severed.

Rabih Ahmad, 39, told local journalists that his new wife’s brother and father cut his penis off to “set an example.” Ahmad met his wife, Rudayna Melaab, 19, on Facebook. The couple eloped in early July and was married by a Sunni sheikh. According to the Lebanon Daily Star, Rabih Ahmad and Rudayna Melaab lied to the Druze parents about their future son-in-law’s faith.

When the bride’s family learned about the deception, they allegedly became enraged. The newlyweds had already completed the wedding ceremony and had moved into together before the Druze parents realized Ahmad was a Sunni Muslim. After the in-laws shared their displeasure with Melaab’s parents, they reportedly invited the couple for dinner and a conversation about the marriage.

Local news reports stated that Rabih Ahmad was in critical condition when he arrived at the hospital. The groom’s penis was missing and his testicles had ruptured. Relatives of the Druze bride also reportedly pulled out some of the Sunni Muslim groom’s teeth during the attack.

Ahmad would have been killed if residents from the Baysour village had not intervened during the attack, according to a security officer’s comments to AAP, an Australian news agency. The Druze community in reportedly a religious minority in Lebanaon, and interfaith marriages are extremely rare.

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