Andrea Antonelli: Motorcyclist ‘Superbiker’ Killed In Moscow Crash Caught On Graphic Video [Video]

A disturbing Andrea Antonelli fatal crash video has emerged in the wake of his tragic death at the World Supersport race near Moscow, Russia this weekend.

You can watch the Andrea Antonelli crash video by hitting the button up top. But be warned. It’s not for sensitive viewers. And if you aren’t already signed in at YouTube, you will likely be asked to do so as proof of your age.

Italian superbike racer Andrea Antonelli raced for the Go Eleven Kawasaki Team. He was killed during the Supersport World Championship race in the horrific July 21 crash that you see in this video.

There is quite a bit of outrage that the Andrea Antonelli video has been posted to YouTube, so it could be taken down at any time.

As one poster Ytz Gold put it: “Those things shouldn’t be allowed by YouTube. Its a lack of respect with the pilot and his family. He died. We know. We don’t need to see exactly how inch by inch.”

But others said that the crash video reveals the carelessness of track officials that contributed to Antonelli’s death. YouTube poster boss26701 said: “This is really sad man, first of all they should not have allowed anyone to race on this wet track Andrea Antonelli R.I.P from India.”

Russian news source Ria Novosti has now said that the other two men involved in the Andrea Antonelli crash have now been treated for relatively minor injuries and are doing fine.

The 25-year-old Italian racer slipped and fell on the wet track, causing a chain reaction accident that tumbled two other members of the Italian team. Racer Lorenzo Zanetti couldn’t stop himself before hitting Antonelli’s skull.

Super Biker Andrea Antonelli(25yrs) lost his life during Moscow race ystaday,,RIP…#superbike

—?Ediffied? (@Ediffied) July 22, 2013

The race was stopped so that the fallen racers could receive immediate medical treatment. Despite emergency treatment, Andrea Antonelli died 40 minutes later at the Moscow Raceway’s medical center.

[still photo credit: Paolo Margari via photopin cc]