Ariana Grande 'Baby I' Single Drops [Audio]

Ariana Grande's Baby I single is now available on iTunes and YouTube. You can hear it for yourself for free. Just scroll down and hit that magic button.

The Sam & Cat child star is social media savvy. According to a post Ariana Grande left on Instagram, if you post a screen capture of yourself downlaoding or listening to Baby I, then the 20-year-old will come around to like as many of them as she can.

Fans already know that Ariana Grande previously released the album's lead single, The Way, in March. The Way also features rapper Mac Miller.

The singles give you a taste for her upcoming debut album Daydreamin' from Republic Records.

If you still haven't had enough of Ariana Grande, why not catch the Nickelodeon original movie Swindle trailer? I've posted that one below the audio for Grande's Baby I.

According to Ariana Grande's Instagram posts, Baby I is already heading up the charts. This morning she posted a screen capture at a moment where it was the number three iTunes single, surpassed only by Robin Thicke's Blurred Lines and Miley Cyrus' We Can't Stop.

Both of those singles are huge, huge hits and won't easily be shouldered aside.

Here's Ariana Grande's Baby I:

Here's the Swindle trailer for the movie which will be released on August 24:

So if you're into that, it's time to download Ariana Grande's Baby I while you're waiting for Swindle.

[Ariana Grande photos via her Instagram]