Jay Z: Trayvon Rally Supporter, With Beyonce And Al Sharpton

Jay Z and Beyonce attended the “justice for Trayvon” rally in New York on Saturday, hosted by MSNBC’s Al Sharpton. The event in New York was mirrored by 100 similar vigils across the county, all pushing for a civil suit to be bought against the recently acquitted George Zimmerman.

The Huffington Post reported that Sharpton addressed the crowd, referring to the two artists who showed up to give their support for the Trayvon Martin cause, sating that: “two of the baddest artists of all time,” were in attendance.

Sharpton spoke more to the crowd about Jay Z and Beyonce, clearly thrilled that such high profile celebs were at his rally:

“Jay Z and Beyoncé said they didn’t want to speak and they didn’t come for a photo op. Let me tell you that before a lot of you were down, Jay Z always supported us. Jay Z told me, ‘I’m a father. Beyoncé is a mother.’ We all feel the pain and apprehension — the law must protect everybody, or it doesn’t protect anybody. We do not come from hate, we come from love of children.”

On Wednesday Justin Timberlake also showed his support for Trayvon, as he and Jay Z kicked off their joint tour in Toronto, Canada. Timberlake sang “Forever young’ as Jay Z dropped his version of “Young forever,” encouraging the eager crowd to “sing this for Trayvon.”

And in her own personal tribute to Trayvon Martin, Beyonce had a moments silence during her Nashville concert.

Al Sharpton, who has drawn some controversial criticism in the media recently, about his personal interests when it comes to the after effect of the Trayvon Martin murder case, tweeted a picture of himself with the celebrities at the rally:

It is not clear exactly what the effect of the Trayvon Martin rallies have had, other than to help shape public opinion. The Justice Department have already opened an investigation into the case, to see whether or not the acquitted George Zimmerman violated Trayvon’s civil rights. The outcome of that investigation remains to be seen.

Here is a video clip of Jay Z in attendance at the New York Trayvon rally: