Selena Gomez Steps Into 21 Without Justin Bieber, Not Dating

Selena Gomez is not dating Justin Bieber.

That was the big news from her sit-down and Connect 4 face-off with Ryan Seacrest in an interview special on E! on Sunday, July 21 — but there were other surprises too.

Firstly, that bombshell.

Seacrest: “Are you with Justin are you not with Justin?”

Gomez: “No, I am not.”

Seacrest: “So you are single?”

Gomez: “Yes I am.”

So that’s that… until the next Instagram perhaps?

On the trials of being in a high profile relationship with Bieber, the ex-Disney star admitted that she found it hard to cope with the public spotlight.

“Yeah,” Gomez shared. “I’m sure you could actually see those pictures of me being way stressed about it.”

“And it’s hard because what do you do?” she added.

“Do you sit in your house and hide and not go anywhere? I was 18 when we started to date and you just have to be an 18-year-old and go through everything.”

The actress-singer, who turns 21 today, said she intends to “take a couple of years off” from music to focus on acting, something she has previously mentioned.

“I just don’t feel like I’ve accomplished enough in film so I just genuinely need to take a break from that for a while,” she added.

Of the hate she once received from a certain quarter of Bieber’s fans, the “Slow Down” songstress was surprisingly understanding.

Gomez said: “I understand it. I was in love with Justin McCartney was younger.”

“I was 13 and he was my life i mean everything to me. And he was with Katie Cassidy and I was so upset. It’s obviously not nice and it’s not really a good feeling, but I get it.”

The quality she values most in a partner? “Honesty. Egos turn me off big time. And I mean its hard to date in this industry. It really is.”

Gomez’s fantasy crushes are actors Logan Lerman and Bradley Cooper.

Justin Bieber Is Not Dating Selena Gomez, Actress Faces Adult Future

On her ongoing march through the rites of adulthood, Gomez admits she is thinking about moving into her own home.

“I love being with my family and i love knowing that they’re there,” she told Seacrest. “But I think its time to get my own house. Yeah I think its time. I didn’t ever want to be forceful. Just saying, ‘OK. I’ve made enough to have my own house.'”

After stepping out on the eve of her big day for Seacrest’s ex-girlfriend Julianne Hough’s birthday at Hollywood’s Roosevelt Hotel on Saturday, at some point today the Latina’s revels will include a glass — or two — of red.

“I will order my first glass at a restaurant. Probably wine,” Gomez revealed.”My mother seems to be a red kinda gal so I’m going to do that.”

The Spring Breaker actress kicks off her Stars Dance world tour in Vancouver, Canada on August 14, while her album of the same name is officially released tomorrow.

And for those of you already feeling ‘Jelena’ withdrawal symptoms, here’s one last dance of Gomez and Bieber — the way they were.

[Image via Just Jared]