Missing Dog Rescued From Kentucky Cave

A missing dog that wandered into a Kentucky cave was rescued days after the pooch disappeared.

The canine’s owners said the dog ran into a cave in Garrard County while chasing down an animal. Although the family pet made its way into the system, it couldn’t find its way back out.

WLEX 18 reports that Rat, a 15-month-old Coonhound, was lost in cave for nearly four days. The family who owns the dog said they could hear the pooch barking from deep within the system.

Rescuers spent days trying to coax the missing dog out of the underground cave near Paint Lick. Although things looked grim for poor Rat, a breakthrough was made on Friday.

After digging a hole big enough for a person to see inside, rescuers were able to pinpoint the location of the missing dog. A backhoe was reportedly brought to the scene in order to create an opening.

According to WKYT, a cave crawler used scraps of bologna to coax Rat out of the cave system. Days after he disappeared while chasing down a raccoon, the missing dog was reunited with his owners.

Animal Control officials located another dog in the same area as Rat. The injured canine was taken to a local animal shelter for treatment. Rat, on the other hand, appears to be okay despite being lost underground for several days.

Rat’s owners said they intend to keep a close eye on the pooch going forward. It might be a while before the dog is chasing animals across the Kentucky countryside once again.

Oddly enough, this isn’t the first time a dog has gone missing inside a Kentucky cave system this month. The News Democrat Leader reports that two canines disappeared into a cave on a Buckville farm. Unfortunately, cave explorers were unable to locate the dogs.

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[Top Image via Shutterstock.com]