Comic-Con 2013: Tom Hiddleston In ‘Loki’ Costume Brings House Down [Video]

Comic-Con 2013 always has nice surprises and the Marvel panel seemed to top all of them when Tom Hiddleston made an appearance at the panel in full Loki garb. The crowd went nuts.

Some are describing the crowd reaction to Hiddleston number as “near hysteria”, when he took the stage and addressed the crowd, who was clearly pleased to see him,

“Humanity! Look how far you’ve fallen. Lining up in the heat. Chattering together in the dark, like beasts!” Hiddleston recited. “It seems I have an army. Feast your eyes!

You should have let me rule you when you had the chance, yet here you are.”

The he tried to calm the crowd down saying, “Shhhhh.” Then “Kneel.” And people actually started kneeling. Yes, that’s how loyal his fans are.

To say that the fans amassed in Hall H at the time went crazy would be an understatement. Hiddleston’s appearance was made the more interesting becauset he seemed to be saying his lines from memory.

He continued by saying,

“Where are you Avengers now?”

By that point Tom Hiddleston had the crowd eating out of his hands, he then asked for the Comic-Con crowd to claim loyalty to him and they were more than ready.

Hiddleston kept working the crowd saying, “Say my name.” And of course the more than 6,000 member audience followed, screaming Loki’s name over and over again.

Afterwards he left the stage to allow those present to view a preview of Thor: A Dark World in which Hiddleston featured heavily.

It was revealed that the plot centers around a dark threat that could cause reality to fall apart. The opening battle scene involves Thor (Chris Hemsworth) bantering with the Lady Sif (Jaimie Alexander), but the enemy is mostly invisible to the people of Asgard, so Thor is forced to enlist the only one from their world who seems to know them: Loki.

The British actor is a favorite of fans and has a loyal following himself. They are called Hiddlestoners.

What do you think of how Tom Hiddleston surprised fans at Comic-Con 2013? Are you a fan?

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