Mackinac Bridge: Semi Truck Tips Over In Strong Winds

The Mackinac Bridge was closed this week for several hours after a semi truck tipped over in strong winds.

According to Mackinac Bridge Authority executive secretary Bob Sweeney, winds got up to 40 mph last night. CBS Local reports that momentary gusts blew as strong as 80 mph wind. Regardless of the actual speed the wind was strong enough to blow over a Semi Truck.

Sweeney said: “We had a fast-moving front come through at about 9 (p.m.) and we were in a wind warning and the wind speed quickly picked up to around 40 miles per hour.”

Sweeney said that the truck, which had a “very light” load, was traveling at about 20 mph when it was tipped over by the wind. The city official said that this is the first time that he’s ever heard of a Semi Truck tipping over on the Mackinac Bridge.

No one was injured in the accident.

The Mackinac Bridge was shut down for several hours last night as a tow truck worked to get the vehicle off the road. The bridge was reopened just before midnight. Officials have issued a warning to drivers, especially those in large vehicles, to stay under 20 mph while crossing the bridge.

The Mackinac Bridge was built in 1957. At 8,614-feet long it is one of the largest suspension bridges in the United States. The Mackinac Bridge spans the Straights of Mackinac to connect the upper and lower peninsulas of Michigan.