Oakland Girl Shot, Killed At Sleepover, Three Others Hurt

An 8-year-old Oakland, California girl was shot and killed at a sleepover on Wednesday in a chilling crime that left three others hurt but expected to live. According to The San Francisco Chronicle, the little girl was at a friend’s house when someone rang the doorbell to draw attention and then fired right through the door.

The Oakland girl shot dead in the spray of gunfire has been identified as Alaysha Carradine, a child model.

Khamel Hardin, 22, who also lives in the apartment, named the survivors for The Oakland Tribune. His 63-year-old mother, Clara Field, his nephew Antoine York, 4, and his 7-year-old niece Amara York were all hurt badly enough to be hospitalized for treatment.

Amara, like Alaysha, is a child model. The girls were scheduled to meet a modeling agency talent scout on Thursday.

Hardin himself wasn’t hit but he saw the gunfire coming through the door.

“It was like a bomb, explosion, just going off so quickly…I was dodging shots. I tried to get them out of the way.”

At the time of writing, no one seemed to know what motive someone could possibly have for shooting into the Oakland home filled with a family including two girls sharing an innocent sleepover.

A family member even suggested that the shooter may have had the wrong address.

There is considerable public anger as well as bafflement over the senseless killing.

Seven children have already been killed by gun violence this year in Oakland. But Alaysha Carradine, the 8-year-old girl shot at a sleepover, is the youngest.

[photo by Sebastian Duda via Shutterstock]