Curse Word Cloud Spotted In The Sky [Video]

Is it a bird? A plane? Superman? No, it’s a giant curse word floating in the sky.

The elusive F*ck Cloud was spotted this week by a Redditor and, despite a few skeptics saying that the swear word cloud is fake, it appears that this is a genuine, authentic, real cloud cursing at the world.

Brennan61 shared the photo this week on Reddit. The image quickly made its way to the front page where it received more than 2500 upvotes and another 550 comments.

The Redditor writes:

“I can’t believe it. I turned around and saw the word “fuck” written flawlessly in the sky. This was my special moment. It may be my MOST special moment ever. Thank you for understanding. I have two eye witnesses to my absolute “fuck cloud” freakout I had when I noticed it.”

In addition to the awesome photo, Brennan61 also posted a video of the swear word cloud. The Redditor said that he posted the video to give definitive proof that the F*ck cloud does indeed exist.

The Redditor writes: “That’s why I posted the video too. I want people to know that mother nature actually did that for me, and for us.”

Here’s a video of the curse word cloud.