Laurel Plane Crash Hits Trailer Park, Destroys Two Homes, Pilot Critical [Video]

In Maryland yesterday, the Laurel plane crash that left a pilot in critical condition terrified residents of a mobile home park — but luckily no one on the ground was hurt.

The Laurel plane crash involved a small craft that had just been sold, and was being flown to the buyer. The pilot, 70-year-old Ronald Dixon, was injured seriously in the crash and was listed last night in critical condition after sustaining multiple injuries in the incident.

Joe Arrington witnessed the Laurel plane crash aftermath — at first believing that a car or truck had collided with something close, and not a small aircraft.

Arrington, who lives in the Parkway Village community of Maryland City, was stunned to discover his neighbor’s home (just 20 feet away) had been struck.

He says:

“Of course I was scared. I’ve never seen anything like this.”

According to Maryland State Police, he Beechcraft Musketeer left nearby Suburban Airport at around 10 AM Thursday. The craft struggled to gain altitude before faltering and causing the Laurel plane crash.

Andy Smith also lives in Parkway Village, and says of the incident:

“I heard sputtering noises, then just a big bang and that was it… It was going to happen sooner or later — these planes fly so low all the time.”

Arrington describes the Laurel plane crash aftermath, saying he and other neighbors rushed to aid Dixon before first responders arrived on scene.

The Parkway Village resident explains that locals extricated Dixon from the wreckage, and say he was alert and aware after the accident:

“We dragged the pilot away from the plane, about 25 feet. I told him, ‘It’s OK, it’s going to be all right.’ He told me his ankle was broken. He was conscious enough to know he’s injured. … I kept talking to the gentleman, just to let him know he wasn’t alone.”

Luckily, the Laurel plane crash affected two homes (now uninhabitable) that were unoccupied at the time of the accident.