Michael Moore Divorcing Wife Of 21 Years

Filmmaker Michael Moore filed for divorce from his wife of more than 20 years last month, a Michigan news source reports.

According to MLive, papers filed June 17 in Michael Moore’s divorce indicate that the union has deteriorated with “no reasonable likelihood that the marriage can be preserved.”

Moore and wife Kathleen Glynn married in 1991 and have no children, papers state, but own a house together in Traverse City. MLive adds:

“Glynn, a former Mott Community College student, is an Academy Award-winning producer of Bowling for Columbine and Fahrenheit 911. A biography on michealmoore.com says Glynn was born in Flint and was a former contributor to the “Flint Voice” that Moore founded… Moore’s complaint for divorce seeks a temporary order and judgement dissolving the marriage and restraining both parties from selling or transferring the couple’s assets to others, including stocks, bonds, limited liability companies, real estate, household furniture and works of fine art.”

Today.com reports that the couple no longer live in the same home, and that Glynn has a child from a previous relationship. The site adds:

“According to a bio of Glynn on Moore’s film company website, she was “part of the core team” on Roger & Me, designed costumes for films including Malcolm X and Canadian Bacon (a feature written/directed by Moore) and co-produced films and TV shows with Moore.”

Michael Moore’s divorce from Glynn is expected to be finalized on September 10, and neither Glynn, Moore, or any involved lawyers or reps have commented on the marital dissolution.