‘Glee’ To Take A Hiatus To Figure Out Finn Hudson Issue [Report]

It’s been a difficult time for the cast and crew of Glee following the tragic death of actor Cory Monteith. Monteith played ex All-American Football player Finn Hudson, who had the majority of the lead storylines in the show.

With Monteith’s death, especially given his close relationship to off-screen girlfriend Lea Michele, it has been a tricky situation for all parties involved.

Now that the cast members are in the beginning stages of mourning, production of the show will have to move on to figure out what to do about the character of Finn Hudson, and what the future of Glee looks like without Cory Monteith, who was called the heart of the show by many.

According to In Touch, reports say that Monteith’s Finn had a central storyline at the beginning of Season 5 of Glee, and now producers will take two weeks to rewrite the upcoming two episodes of the season.

According to a source:

“The writers and producers are trying to figure out what to do with Cory’s character because they need to rewrite everything now.”

According to the New York Daily News this means that Glee is looking at a hiatus, which is understandable. It allows cast members to grieve and for the writers to figure out where the series is headed for the future. The delay date is said to be from its September 19 start date to until November. At this time we don’t know if that means their airdate will be in November or if the cast will come back to start filming in November.

Production on the show was set to begin July 22 before Monteith’s body was found in his hotel room in Vancouver on Saturday, July 13. Just days before, Lea Michele had tweeted a photo of her “Glee family” to her followers. The cast had just finished shooting photos for the upcoming season.

Although there’s no official word on how Glee may deal with Monteith’s death, people are already speculating that they will write his death into the plot. No word on if Lea Michele is returning to the series.