Damien Pullinger Falls 30 Feet Attempting To Climb Building [Video]

A daredevil attempted to climb a building, only to lose his grip and then plummet to the ground 30 feet below.

Damien Pullinger attempted to climb the structure by placing his hands against one column, his feet against the other, and then etching his way further and further up. You can watch a clip of his ordeal above, a warning though, his fall, which occurs on the 54 second mark, is rather gruesome.

Damien’s climb starts well enough, but he soon begins to experience, when he notices that his shoes are too wet. He shouts down to the woman who is filming him, “my shoes are ridiculously slippery.”

However, despite the hazard, he persists, with the woman even asking him, “so, how are you going to get down?” A question that Mr Pullinger laughs off, before answering, “not the same way.” Unfortunately this remark would later come back to haunt him.

As he continues his ascent, Damien can be seen to slip again, but once he reaches the top he suddenly realises the gravity of the situation he has placed himself in. Damien surveys his surroundings, before his assistant nervously declares, “oh my God, you scare me kid.”

Damien struggles to climb the remaining few feet to the building’s summit, and once again his shoe struggles to grip the slippery wall. This leads his camerawoman to move in closer, either to get a better shot or in an attempt to somehow assist Damien.

Just moments later though, one more attempt to move his leg further up the wall sees him fall straight to the ground at an alarming speed. As he plummets, the woman simply screams his name, before turning the camera off.

Damien survived the fall, and wrote on YouTube, “Attempted to climb between two walls but due to my slippery shoes and the fact it had rained 20 min [sic] before hand I failed to make the climb.”

He then added that he shattered his left heel and fractured the right, and that he’ll be able to walk again in a few months time. There are numerous other videos on his account that show him successfully climbing buildings and structures.

Do you Damien Pullinger is an idiot, or a daredevil?