Philadelphia Parent Uses Craigslist To Help Son Lose His Virginity

A mother has posted an advert on Craigslist in an attempt to help her 18-year-old son lose his virginity.

The Philadelphia native posted the advert on the city’s Craigslist page, in the “casual encounters” section of the website, on July 16 under the title, “Sugar baby for my son,” and she then went on to explain her son’s predicament.

The unnamed mother is seeking a young woman, who is under 19 years of age, and explains that her 18-year-old son is soon heading to Harvard university in the fall, but the high school student is still yet to become a man.

The advert admits that this is indeed a strange proposition to be making, but she’s worried that because he’s never had a girlfriend and is awkward in social situations, she is sure that he is still a virgin.

The mother goes on to ask that a “cute young girl” contact her, so that she can “turn him from high school nerd to cool college kid.” She even praises his physical appearance, calling him very handsome and fit, remarking that he is on the varsity cross country team, and oddly noting “there’s almost zero body fat on him.”

The advert even hatches the perfect plan for the two of them to meet. She plans to buy 4 concert tickets, give 2 to her son and 2 to the lucky woman who responds, and then at the show she will then seduce her son, ditch her friend, and then take his virginity.

The mother doesn’t want this to be a one night stand though, she wants the pair to keep on dating so that she can teach him various bedroom antics. She even states that she might buy the woman who takes on this quest a car and make their “financial issues disappear.” You can read the full advert below.

Do you think this Craigslist advert is creepy?

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