Geldof makes a $100G’s off of the poor

For those of you who don’t remember the name Bob Geldof you might remember the name of the music band that brought him his first taste of fame and fortune – The Boomtown Rats. Most recently though Geldof has been making a name for himself in a variety of different social causes that first started with the Live 8 concerts that started back in 2005.

Geldof has proven to be a rather bombastic speaker at times who isn’t the least bit afraid of using the ‘commoner’ language to emphasis his points. This plain speaking has gotten him into trouble more than a few times but it hasn’t stopped the requests for him to speak about the things that matter to him.

Such was the case when he gave a speech in Melbourne Australia about world suffering except that unlike the topic he was speaking about he wasn’t hurting financially in least from giving the speech. Apparently the group that booked him to speak had to fork over $100,000.00 which included the cost of luxury hotel rooms and a minder.

Now considering that this is a man who is reported to be worth £30 million (British pound) one would wonder why in light of how rich he is and the subject he was speaking on why he would need so much money. Especially considering that fellow poverty activist Rev. Tim Costello, World Vision SEO, spoke for free and I somehow doubt that Rev. Costello is worth the same kind of money that Geldof is.

This type of thing just lowers my already low opinion of people like Geldof who seem to spend most of their time talking out of one side of their mouths while taking scads of money in their hands behind their back.