‘Sweet Caroline’ Was A Hit At MLB All-Star Game

“Sweet Caroline” is Neil Diamond’s hit song that has become a baseball anthem for Red Sox fans since 2002. On Tuesday, Diamond took the field during the middle of the eighth inning at the MLB All-Star game to sing the classic tune in front of thousands of New Yorkers.

The Red Sox have played the song during every home game at Fenway Park since 2002 and Neil Diamond makes a live appearance every so often. The hit song was played throughout multiple MLB stadiums this year in honor of the Boston Marathon victims, including Yankee Stadium.

Tuesday night’s edition was something special and Diamond had no problem getting help from fans at Citi Field. The crowd joined in immediately and it was certainly the best rendition that has ever been played away from Fenway Park.

Shortly after Neil Daimond’s performance, Metallica’s “Enter Sandman” played as Mariano Rivera took the field for the last time in an All-Star game. “Sweet Caroline” followed by Mariano Rivera doesn’t really mix, but this was a different story and the crowd responded extremely well.

The MLB All-Star game has been written off over the past few years but Rivera’s retirement gave this year’s classic a sentimental twist. Neil Diamond’s performance won over the passionate crowd and Rivera’s dominant inning brought it all home.

The American league went on to win the game 3-0 and Mariano Rivera was honored as the game’s MVP. The 43-year-old will go down as the greatest closer in MLB history once he retires at the end of the season.

This year’s All-Star game has brought the midsummer classic back to life. It was also an ode to one of the greatest players, Mariano Rivera, and one of the greatest city’s, Boston, through an emotional eighth inning,

The fans were on their feet the whole time and “Sweet Caroline” was rocking Citi Field in true Boston fashion.

[Image via Angela George]