British Woman Discovers Scratching Sounds And Headaches Are Flesh-Eating Maggots Inside Her Head [Video]

A British woman has been talking about the terrifying moment that she discovered flesh-eating maggots were inside her head.

Rochelle Harris was flying back to her home country after visiting Peru on holiday earlier this year when she began to experience excruciating headaches, which then manifested into a piercing face pain, plus she could hear noises in her head and a strange liquid began to leak out of her ear.

Once she landed back in the United Kingdom, Rochelle became more and more concerned as her pain increased. She then decided to visit her local hospital, which is located in Derby.

However, doctors dismissed her concerns, and despite the fact that Rochelle explained that she had traveled to Peru recently, they simply stated that it was simply a minor ear infection.

She was soon referred to the ear nose and throat team, and it was then that they made the prognosis. Rochelle's mother, who was in attendance during the examination, became concerned after the doctor working on his daughter went silent for almost an hour as he searched for a diagnosis.

Rochelle told Discovery Channel's new documentary, Bugs, Bites and Parasites,"My Mum asked her, 'Can you see what it is?' and the doctor said, 'If you don't mind I'd prefer to speak to the registrar before I tell you anything."

She continued, "My mum said, 'Please tell us,' and that's when the doctor said, 'You've got maggots in your ear.' I burst into tears instantly."

Rochelle then became increasingly concerned as doctors looked to get the larvae out of her head, however they continued to retreat deeper and deeper into her skull. This of course made her very nervous, as became concerned that they were in her brain.

Rochelle could have become paralysed if one of the maggots had eaten her facial nerve, so doctors attempted to drown the maggots by flooding her ear canal with olive oil.

Rochelle revealed, "I had to wait overnight to see if the treatment worked. It was the longest few hours of my life. I just wanted them out of me and now I knew what was causing the sensations and sounds it made it all worse."

When the olive oil treatment failed, doctors decided to explore her ear with a minor operations and found eight large insects inside of head, which they described as a "writhing mass of maggots."

They were then removed, and examined where it was discovered that a New World Army Screw Worm Fly had laid its eggs in her head. Fortunately, Rochelle has suffered no long-term damage as a result of her traumatic experience.

You can watch a clip from the Discovery Channel's new show above.

[Image via Youtube/Discovery]