Trayvon Martin’s Drugs, Guns Cell Phone Records Make A Thug?

Do Trayvon Martin’s drugs, guns, and marijuana photos recovered from his cell phone make Trayvon Martin a thug?

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Trayvon Martin’s cell phone records were withheld as evidence by the State Attorney’s Office. The whistleblower in the George Zimmerman trial lost his job for letting the defense team know about the thousands of pages and photos that were missing.

Trayvon Martin The Thug?

Before we consider the evidence from Trayvon Martin’s cell phone, let’s clear up a few Trayvon Martin rumors. The Trayvon Martin photo showcasing him as a muscle bound thug actually depicts another still-living teen with the same name on Facebook. Another supposed Trayvon Martin photo depicting him with tattoos was actually of a rapper named Jaceon Terrell Taylor.

Trayvon Martin did not steal the skittles and drink. He was never arrested and was suspended at the time of the shooting merely for being late to school. He was not 6′ 2″, he was far shorter. One meme even claims Trayvon Martin was an honor student with a 3.7 GPA.

Although, there are reports of Trayvon Martin being suspended for writing obscene graffiti on a door at his high school. Reports say “campus security officers found 12 pieces of women’s jewelry, a watch and a screwdriver that they felt could be used as a burglary tool.” But Trayvon Martin said the jewelry belonged to an unnamed friend and Miami-Dade police could not trace the jewelry to any reports of stolen goods. Trayvon Martin also supposedly had a baggie with traces of marijuana.

Miami-Dade school officials declined to confirm these reports and they were deemed irrelevant to the George Zimmerman trial. But some reports claim the alleged Trayvon Martin stolen jewelry case was “covered up” because School Resource Officers were ordered to use school discipline in place of criminal justice in order to reduce the number of criminal behavior reports of young black males.

Trayvon Martin’s Cell Phone Records

While all the details have not been publicized, George Zimmerman’s defense lawyers claim Trayvon Martin’s cell phone depicted texts and photos related to drugs, marijuana, and guns. At this point, depicting Trayvon Martin as a thug is simply a smear campaign, but knowing the truth in all things should still be held in high regard.

Did the marijuana plant photo held by Trayvon Martin depict a friend’s plant or his own? Or was it a texted photo shared by friends? Growing marijuana is still illegal in Florida, but owning a picture of the plant is not. Still, some websites claim a Facebook post about Trayvon Martin’s marijuana said, “D@mn were you at n!gg@ needa plant.” Some people choose to interpret this to mean Trayvon Martin was selling marijuana, but without the full context being known this interpretation is uncertain.

Was Trayvon Martin’s gun photo depicting his own hand, or was it someone else? Was he actually trying to purchase a gun as alleged by the whistleblower in the State Attorney’s Office? In Florida you have to be 18 to own a gun and 21 to purchase ammo. But checking out a friend’s gun is not illegal. Some websites claim Trayvon Martin’s father, Tracy “Fruit” Martin, was one of the people discussing with his son the buying and selling of the.22 caliber handgun. While this sounds bad, you have to keep in mind that a father in most states can buy a guy and hold it in trust until a child turns 18, which would have been this past February if Trayvon Martin were alive today.

Trayvon Martin’s Twitter account used to be called “NO_LIMIT_NIGGA” but it was deleted shortly after his death. The 152 page document secured by the Daily Caller depicts Trayvon Martin as using foul language and crude sexual jokes on a consistent basis. The account photo matched the one from Trayvon Martin’s Facebook, but whether or not records were altered cannot be determined.

Finally, was Trayvon Martin smoking marijuana or just cigarettes in those self photos? Either way, Florida’s smoking legal age is 18, but how many of you tried smoking before the legal age? The clear illegal act of smoking doesn’t make Trayvon Martin a thug by itself.

Trayvon Martin Remembered

In the context of the trial, the evidence from Trayvon Martin’s cell phone and social media accounts could have been used to determine potential motivations and who was the aggressor. It’s apparent with 20/20 hindsight it wouldn’t have made a difference to the final verdict, but the judge never let the evidence be considered by the jury. Unless a civil suit is filed against George Zimmerman, this evidence is meaningless now except in the hands of political opportunists.

Personally, in the end I think both were scared and overreacted. Trayvon just knew some “creepy a$$ cr*cker” was stalking him and tried to protect himself from a perceived threat. George just knew a potential thief was physically threatening his life and fought back with deadly force instead of his MMA training. So, in this sense, both acted in self defense and it’s a tragedy things ended this way.

Painting Trayvon Martin as the complete innocent in order to make George look like a monster doesn’t seem justified. At the same time, calling Trayvon a thug can’t be justified without knowing the full context of the evidence. So we’re left with only questions and a sadness that events led to this conclusion.