Anna Benson May Have Been Subject Of 1996 Murder Manhunt [Report]

Anna Benson was once the subject of a five-month murder manhunt that was even featured on America’s Most Wanted. That’s the claim published today by The New York Daily News, which said that a 19-year-old woman named Anna Warren sought for a bloody murder in Knoxville, Tennessee in 1996 is the same “crazy Anna” recently arrested in Cobb County, Georgia for the attempted armed robbery of her ex.

As The Inquisitr previously reported, last week the 37-year-old Baseball Wives star was arrested after a chilling episode where she threatened former Major League Baseball player Kris Benson with a gun. She was wearing a bulletproof vest and demanded $30,000 from her ex-husband.

He said he would go get it but instead made his escape, leaving Anna Benson behind to smash up his computer. You can hear his 911 call here.

She was apparently widely known already for her outrageous behavior which ultimately resulted in her divorce from Kris, with whom she had three children. In the wake of the arrest, a judge has given full custody to the father and canceled Anna Benson’s visitation rights.

Anna remains in the Cobb County jail on multiple charges, although she may be delusional and has said that she doesn’t know what the big deal is. In a jail interview with the New York Post, Anna Benson claimed that she was wearing the bulletproof vest and demanding money not because she was trying to rob her ex but because she was starting a new business:

“I was dressed in all my ballistics gear because I’m starting my own company.

“I am designing bulletproof vests — bulletproof window film that is also good for insulating windows.

“My plan is to drive around the Southeast to the different gun shows and see what is out there and what is cool. The problem is that I don’t have any money to start my business, and a lot of the stuff I can’t tell the investors about because it is top-secret military and Department of Defense stuff.”

Hmm. I might have tried applying for a DOD grant, rather than armed robbery, but I guess Anna Benson was trying to think outside of the box.

The New York Daily News Anna Benson murder manhunt allegations are extremely detailed. You can read their entire report on their site and decide for yourself how credible they are.

The short version of the allegations is that Knoxville, Tennessee investigators believed, at least at one time, that the then-Anna Warren ordered her 19-year-old boyfriend Paul Dejongh to execute 18-year-old Michael Evans.

After a nationwide manhunt, Dejongh was captured and died in prison. However, Anna Warren was cleared of the accusation and never charged.

CBS and some other media sources have picked up on the same report, but they don’t seem to have any new information.

The New York Daily News sources The Knoxville News Sentinel, which doesn’t provide online access to records going back that far. At the time of writing they don’t seem to have anything about the Anna Benson story on their page at all, which seems a little odd.

At this stage, I don’t think we have enough information to say for sure whether or not the Anna Benson murder manhunt story is true. When we find out more, we’ll let you know.