Prince William Is 'Very Excited' For Baby With Kate Middleton

Prince William was all smiles at this weekend's polo match and said he is "very excited" to have a baby with Kate Middleton.

The Prince seemed to be very relaxed enjoying one of his favorite things, playing polo, which he probably won't get to do much in the near future.

If he is nervous or anxious about the impending arrival, he didn't show it after competing against and losing to younger brother Prince Harry on Saturday, William played another charity match on Sunday at the annual Jerudong Trophy match at the Cirencester Polo Club, this time with Harry on his team.

The siblings arrived together and after doing some pre-match stretching took the field along their teammates. Unfortunately, they lost, the Cirencester Blacks beat them 7 to 5.5.

However, witnesses say that the match was played in good humor and there were no hard feelings.

"Harry and William stayed close together," the eyewitness told Us Weekly, adding that the dad-to-be looked "cheery," even after losing. "Both were very casual in their demeanor."

Prince William who is thrilled of becoming a new parent with his wife Kate Middleton was seen taking very good care of his horse.

"He was stroking the horse's head and talking to him," the spectator explained.


Danielle Alexandra, a Centrepoint trustee and a friend of the Duke of Cambridge, told Us she "got a very big, wonderful, sweaty hug" from the prince before he left.

"He's very excited and very happy to have the chance to be a dad," she shared. "He's anticipating it with tremendous excitement. He's one of the most loving people you will ever meet, so he's the perfect guy to be a dad."

"I am so excited for him, he's glowing," she gushed. "He's glowing about this wonderful time in his life, and I think we should all be glowing with him. He's one of the nicest people you will ever meet."

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Prince William is currently on leave from his job as rescue pilot in Wales and is staying with his wife Kate Middleton while they anticipate their first born's birth.

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