'The Wire's' David Simon Reacts To Trayvon Martin Verdict, Is 'Ashamed'

Niki Cruz

The Trayvon Martin trial has acted as a significant talk piece for our racial issues in America. In the entertainment industry various celebrities were rocked by the verdict that found George Zimmerman not guilty in the second degree murder of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin.

However, none were as affected than The Wire's creator David Simon. Before creating The Wire, Simon worked for the Baltimore Sun City Desk for twelve years, and wrote the book Homicide: A Year on the Killing Streets. Although Simon is an author and journalist, he's known for writing and producing The Wire.

The critically acclaimed series received rave reviews and shot to cult status as it depicted a realistic perspective on the working American class and its betrayal. The show often spoke on the urbanized institution of the working class, and dealt with various themes that circulated around race.

Of Trayvon Martin's verdict Simon took to his blog to write his thoughts out.In a post simply titled "Trayvon" David Simon wrote:

"You can stand your ground if you're white, and you can use a gun to do it. But if you stand your ground with your fists and you're black, you're dead."

"In the state of Florida, the season on African-Americans now runs year round. Come one, come all. And bring a handgun. The legislators are fine with this blood on their hands. The governor, too."

"One man accosted another and when it became a fist fight, one man — and one man only — had a firearm. The rest is racial rationalization and dishonorable commentary."

Simon wasn't alone in reacting to the verdict of the Zimmerman trial. Octavia Spencer took to twitter to discuss the news: "Stop saying the system needs 2 change and JUST CHANG IT, ppl. YOUR vote matters. Midterm elections! Show up for TrayvonMartin &OscarGrant."

Other celebrities reacted to the verdict as follows:

— Diddy (@iamdiddy) July 13, 2013

— Wil Wheaton (@wilw) July 14, 2013

— Sherri Shepherd (@SherriEShepherd) July 14, 2013

— Judy Blume (@judyblume) July 14, 2013

— Michael Moore (@MMFlint) July 14, 2013

— Mandy Moore (@TheMandyMoore) July 14, 2013

To see Simon's full statement click here.