Bulldog Rides Skateboard And Teaches Other Pooches

Bulldogs riding skateboards is nothing new, but how about a pooch that teaches other dogs how to perform the trick?

Biuf, a star skateboarder in his hometown country of Peru, has become somewhat of a celebrity. The bulldog has racked up thousands of Facebook fans and YouTube subscribers.

Biuf is currently teaching Otto and Benito how to ride skateboards at a car park in Lima, Peru, and apparently other dog owners are asking for classes as well.

Not happy with just jumping on the board and allowing it to coast, Biuf is able to grab the board with his teeth while scooting along with his left leg acting as his motor.

According to the bulldog’s owner, Ivan Juscamaita:

“All the bulldogs who follow Biuf on Facebook come and get together, we have fun, we get on the skateboard and practise the sport.”

There’s no cost to join one of the bulldog’s classes; his owner just brings him out every Saturday to meet with other dogs.

Biuf the skateboarding bulldog has racked up 4,000 fans, and that base is growing quickly.

With his new celebrity, Juscamaita says he plans on opening a legitimate skateboarding school that will formally teach dogs how to skate.

The paid classes will serve an awesome cause with profits going to help dog shelters in the area.

Who knows: Perhaps Biuf and his skateboarding skills will lead to other dogs being adopted or helped along the way.

While other breeds of dogs can also learn to skateboard, most of the stories we discover tend to focus on bulldogs.

The bulldog riding a skateboard story is impressive, but I want to see him perform a McTwist.

Do you want to teach your bulldog to skateboard? What other cool tricks have you taught your dog?