Cory Monteith’s Friends Hold Impromptu Wake, Cousin Richard Monteith Speaks Out

In the wake of Cory Monteith’s death his friends both from the industry, and outside of it, have held various vigils and impromptu wakes to commemorate the life of the Glee singer.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Monteith’s roommates held an impromptu wake at the actor’s Hollywood Boulevard home. It’s reported that nearly a dozen people gathered late Saturday night to tell stories and grieve over the loss of their friend.

Monteith’s three bedroom home was at the time occupied by his roommates Justin Neill, who runs e-cigarette company SmokeStik, actor Dustin Milligan, who guest starred on the CW’s 90210, and a few of Monteith’s band-mates from his band Bonnie Dune. According to reports Monteith had not been at the home for some time. It is reported that Monteith moved out after completing rehab in April.

In Monteith’s home of Vancouver, people gathered at the Fairmont Pacific Rim Hotel, where the actor’s body was found. Among those who left flowers in the wake of his death was none other but Monteith’s cousin, Richard Monteith. Richard spoke briefly with CTV and said the two were “decently close.”

Of his cousin Cory, Richard Monteith called the actor a hero, and said: He told me no matter how long your tunnel is – just know there is always a light at the end of the tunnel. He was that light for me. That is why I am not the only one mourning. And my family are not the only people mourning. There are millions of Glee fans out there.”

According to Richard, he was called by Cory Monteith’s father around 10 pm and was asked if he had heard anything about Cory, as there were rumors being spread. Cory’s cousin then called Joe Monteith back hours later to confirm the news. Monteith’s father was understandably too traumatized to give a statement on his son’s death, having said: “I’m not making no comments, I’m not up to it.”

Over in the States fans of Cory Monteith gathered at Paramount Studios in Los Angeles where Glee was taped and held a candlelight vigil in the actor’s honor. On the other coast, cast mate Matthew Morrison held a show in New York City where he performed at 54 Below.

During his set he addressed Monteith’s death and changed the opening number of his show to A Chorus Line’s “What I Did For Love.’ With Glee pianist Brad Ellis joining him, Morrison addressed the crowd: “Let’s acknowledge the elephant in the room. What do you do in this situation? We came here to do a show. You came here to see a show. And that’s what we’re going to do. We’re doing this in Cory’s honor.”

“What I Did for Love” was a song performed by Lea Michele, Monteith’s girlfriend and co-star. Lea had performed the song during the second season of Glee. Currently Morrison has five additional shows scheduled through to Wednesday.

Of the actor’s death, co-star Jane Lynch, who had a somber birthday yesterday, said “It’s very sad.”

An autopsy is said to be performed on Monteith today, with results pending. After struggling two decades with substance abuse problems, which the actor was very vocal about, it is suspected that the cause of death is an overdose.

[Image credit: Paramount Studios Vigil by Hanna Crowley Photography]