‘Downton Abbey’ Season Four: New Character To Comfort Tom Branson

In Downton Abbey Season Three we saw a heartbroken Tom Branson left a widower with a new born. Season Four will try to fix that with a new character played by actress Daisy Lewis, who looks eerily similar to Jessica Brown Findlay’s character Lady Sybil.

Lady Sybil was killed off in childbirth due to Brown Findlay’s departure from the series. The death created the drama of leaving Tom without his wife, who he had fought so hard for, and his infant child motherless.

Lewis’ character comes to Season Four to play Tom’s daughter’s live-in-governess and catches his attention because of the similarities in looks to his dead wife.

Things will quickly get heated between the lovely woman and the character played by Allen Leech who start a secret affair. Tom Branson will become one of the main characters this season, after he was made manager of Downton.

According to the British publication the Mirror, a source close to the ITV show shared some of what will take place in the new season.

“Daisy will become one of Downton’s most prominent characters. She wowed producers in her audition and they are delighted to have secured such a brilliant young actress.

“Her romance with Tom will be one of the main storylines of the series. He will begin to develop feelings for her and they start a secret affair.

“Tom will have an even bigger role in the new series after ­becoming the estate manager of Downton.”

According to the source, the writers know that Tom is a very popular character with audiences and even though one of the maids tried to make a move on him during the Christmas Special last year, he wasn’t ready to move on with his life. That will all change in Season Four.

Are you excited for Season Four of Downton Abbey?