Ryan Gosling Fights For Pig’s Rights

Ryan Gosling an avid animal lover is joining forces with the Farm Sanctuary and Humane Society International/Canada to support the rights of pigs in Canada.

Gosling’s mission is to improve the living conditions for 1,000,000 of the nation’s breeding pigs.

In his article in The Globe and Mail, the heart throb actor was “heartened” to learn that a new draft code of practice that is changing the pork industry practices that puts and end to mother pigs being kept in small cages for most of their lives.

In his letter he writes, “As a civilized society, it’s our moral obligation to prevent cruelty to animals – including those used in food production.”

“I applaud NFACC for working to improve life for Canada’s pigs, and hope it will close this dangerous loophole by disallowing the pork industry from confining pigs for weeks at a time–something that I would never dream of doing to [my dog] George, and that no compassionate Canadian would ever do to any animal.”

Gosling stood side by side with PETA in 2012, on a campaign to encourage KFC and McDonalds to use improved methods of chicken slaughter in their factories on behalf of Mercy For Animals. In his letter he exposes the treatment of egg-laying hens.

In April, Ryan Gosling stood up for the rights of cows along with again with PETA, reports E! News. Together they fought against the cruelty to cows on dairy farms. Specifically against “dehorning”, a painful process in which calves have their horns burned or gouged out of they heads.

“There is absolutely no reason—and no excuse—for the cruel, unnecessary practice of dehorning to continue.” Gosling wrote in the letter, reports E! News. “I respectfully urge the National Milk Producers Federation to take the lead in stopping this barbaric practice by requiring farmers to phase out dehorning by breeding for polled, or naturally hornless, cattle.”

Which animal rights will be on Gosling’s list next?